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Volkswagen Transporter from Germany and Holland We offer minibuses Volkswagen Transporter (VW T4) and also other cargo and passenger-and-freight vans, lorries, minibuses, minivans and other cars delivered mainly by sea from Germany and Holland.

We always assist our clients at registration of purchase, registration with motor licensing and inspection department, insurance, reception of the credit, and also we share ours 15 years old experience of maintenance of foreign cars.

Our specialization is: original passenger (7-8 passenger places) and passenger-and-freight (4-6 passenger places) minibuses WV T4 . Our suppliers, well knowing this model, having investigated the advantages and "illnesses", choose the most optimal on a price/quality ratio cars for sale in the Russian market.

If we do not have today that car which you search – we shall quickly organize the delivery of any vehicle from Europe by your order.

We are in St.Petersburg, but are glad also to nonresident clients also. They get special attention.

Here you will find a lot of helpful information about Volkswagen Transporter, about our services.

Please call, write an E-mail, ask questions in our forum.

We shall much apreciate any offers from abroad colleagues, connected with used cars sales.